Kaba Kaba Estate - Elegant setting


A key element of the Kaba Kaba experience is the villa's delectable cuisine.

Breakfast gives a taste of what’s to come, with an appetising Balinese fare. For lunch and dinner, Kaba Kaba Estate presents a suggestion menu of snacks, appetisers, mains and desserts.

Reigning over his exceptionally well-equipped professional kitchen, the chef prepares a wealth of special Balinese dishes such as Gado Gado (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce), Pepes Ikan (fish cooked in banana leaf with Balinese spices, served with rice), and Dadar Gulung (rolled pancake with grated coconut and palm sugar). The western menu covers everything from pumpkin soup, goat cheese salad, beef sirloin, and lamb ribs to seared tuna and lobster. There’s also a choice of pizza and pasta dishes, as well as a kids’ menu.

The chef is happy to tailor meals to special dietary requirements, or to work off-menu to meet your dining preferences. Should you wish to host a dinner party, he is in his element whipping up Balinese feasts, which are served with panache by the villa butlers. Additionally, an excellent wine list provides a choice of wines, spirits, champagnes and cocktails. Non-menu food items and all beverages are charged to guest account.

Groceries and beverages are charged at cost price plus 20%++ handling fee. Guests will be requested to provide grocery money in advance and the staff will do the shopping for you and keep the receipts for your reference.

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